Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Love or Admiration? Almost same, isn't it?

Assalamualaikum. .

Maybe this is a rhapsody, or just a little admiration
But the real is this evanescence haunted me
Maybe this is only a proximity after a misery
But that’s the point!
Such a shoulder where head can lie on
But, this is all on my perception
Maybe It’s all just. .on my mind?

Although I imagine while we spend the rest of our life
Laugh then laugh. . ! I don’t care
Although I wish, I don’t know how to try
Underestimate then. . !
Now, I will make a perfect me first,
“Good person is for the good one, Bad person is for the bad one”
I want say something before that ‘nightmare’ come,
“I need, and I miss you. But I won’t force you either.
I confuse, this is a love or just an admiration. .But it’s really really. .
make me silence as usual,
make me want to help you,
make me want to care about you,
make me want to give advice.
But I think it precisely disturb you, I’m really sorry. . .

At last,
Be Sholehah, be a good daughter to your mam, good mam for your child.”

While you read, forget it immadiately. And think that you never read this. Because this is only a word. Is there any meaning while it can’t be summoned to reality? No,there is not. I think you will think the same as me. But these words are all from my heart. It is like a cancer which destroy from the inside, while kept and kept inside. Thanks to Allah, make me think of death while I pray. The one I will say last maybe a chain word of pray for my mam. .

Okey then wassalamualaikum

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