Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lets start sharing again

5 years, it will be a long time, a very long chance to give something. But unfortunately it is only a vacuum time. No advantages being given by this blog. It is only a blog, but before I hope this will become stairway to goodness. Now, after 5 year, I wanna start again from scratch, from pieces, from nothing.

First thing first, this is bilingual. Not always be published in english (so much effort) but also indonesian (maybe better for me). Gak semua yang bakal ada di blog ini bakalan dalam bahasa inggris, tapi juga bakal ada selipan-selipan dalam bahasa indonesia. Toh juga awalnya ini blog juga pakeknya indonesia. Gak ada masalah, sebodo amat aku mah.

Secondly (mumpung pas lagi ingat), if you want to cite a source (usually journal or science article), never cite a blog, never, never. You better ask the blog or web owner to share you about the source about their write. Never cite a blog, although it give you what you want. Your superior will angry with you or even give you punishment by doing that. So from now on (after I get this little knowledge), I will give more effort to provide an appropriate source, so you will be easier to extract the knowledge from that source. For example, I better give you a link to journal site or science article, or even (legally) site that is not a blog, rather than give nothing.

Jangan ngesitasi blog ya!!

Konten di dalem blog ini ke depan nggak akan jauh-jauh dari topik sel, kultur sel, sedikit fisiologi, mungkin juga soal obat dan regulasi. Ya tapi apapun itu masih dalam taraf diskusi, saya ndak berlagak paling jago di bidang ini.

Next content within this blog will be about cell, cell culture, a little about physiology, or maybe about drug an its regulation. Whatever it is, this is about sharing and discussion, I am not even super intelligent about these topics. Just let study an become better together.

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