Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mount Merapi Errupt, Wouldn't it last now? Or Never?

Last Tuesday (26/10/2010) This Great Volcanic-active Mount had errupted. We thought, it only once. But we're wrong. The following week until now, It has errupted again and again until last Monday (1/10/2010). Huaahhh. . what a pity, It's very sad knowing that many people died, and many other need to be evacuated, the environment broken, huahhh. . T_T Once I went there, trying to give some help, I saw despair in their eyes. But it's a must, I had to clear up that. So, me, and some other people let the kids in refugee barrack to play together with us, something like drawing a picture, coloring a picture. Yes, and it seemed it work. They could smile again, although they were not in their own home, they couldn't do their own activities, they couldn't go to school. BUT they're happy.

The one we can conclude from this disaster, we need to unite our hands to help them. DON'T ever use this disaster for self interest or group promotion!! Show our concern. Helping is like an arrow. Not everyone go to the field to help, but only a few (It still many!). The other are behind the scene.

For readers that feel despair of your life. Plizz, roll out your memories. Remember everything that God has given to us, is it only a little? doesn't it give advantage? We can eat well, sleep well, life in wealthy, have many friends, have parents, and many more. See other unfortunate people. So why we feel despair? Refresh our mind, pray to God, back to the straight way, and then see our life from another perseption. YES, we are all a lucky person.

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