Saturday, February 18, 2017

At the lonely night among crowded human

No future without present
No present without past
One thing that we need  to think for sure,
Future and past is out of reach
Present is the one thing,
One variable that matters to be changed, 
To be deduced, to be discussed,
To be precisely passed as right as we can.

No strength without pressure
No accomplishment without task
No gain without certain efforts,
Give a meaningful acts for your dream!
Never say never,
Should the life ended here tomorrow,
We never regret. .

No love without hate,
No affection without anger,
No kindness without something missing
No even happiness without sadness
No even even me without you, 
As stated from the fate that we never know. .

As the wind flow,
As the night we share from afar
As the day we talk from deeper inside
As the light still go through retina
As the memory still exist,
Would we please?
Would we please to always meet within our pray,
So Allah will always made us together,
beneath our understanding about space and time. .

20170218 19:48 
At the edge of the earth, at the edge of the realistic, logic, feeling and sense

When we realize that we are nothing without others

We all know,
We eat almost everyday,
Someone prefer fasting, while other eat as usual,

We all understand,
We don't plant rice ourselves
We don't breed chicken ourselves,
Even the tomato as sauce
Even the flavour that we never think if it exists. .

We just. .
Order and eat,
Order and eat,
Pay and go. .

We ignore,
How much sweat has been fallen,
How much misery someone felt when harvest is fail,
How much tears someone threw away when distribution is not executed as planned

And then. .
We order, we eat, we pay,
the worse, someone even not finish their dishes. .

Don't you feel terrible when you put food in trash bag?
Don't you have heart for how much efforts has been made to serve them above your magnificent plate?

Remember, one day food will be as rare as your gold in your bank
Remember, one day you may kill someone for your dish,
That day food will be insufficient that you may break your own life ideal,
That day. . you will regret what you have done in your past,
But that is too late. .
Too late for regret. .
Accept your fate. .

We will know realize, even for the most fundamental need of our life, we still need others to help.
Why don't,
Why don't we spare some of our minutes before and after take a meal,
To pray for them,
appreciate their attempt and efforts,
value them for their sincere way of life,

We are nothing without others

Remember a forest without trees
Remember a sky without stars
Remember a sea without fishes
Remember a night without morning
Remember a morning without sun
When you cant remember, just imagine. .
Nothing is worth enough to be thrown away. .

Remember our valuable earth without us, wise man that sent from heaven to be a leader in this section of "eternal life"

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Great things will always great, as we follow the rule

A whole life is our time to give,
A whole time is our chance to bring something,
A whole world is our place to give birth of grace,

Won’t you mind if all of them turn back to you?
Won’t you believe if all of them put disgrace for you?
Won’t you accept if all of them become nothing for you?

Hahaha, this is life. .

We accept what we don’t believe
We believe what we don’t accept

We argue about nothing,
But when it is something, we ignore

We do what we don’t want,
We don’t do what we need to do

Too many irony, when we just use our head. .
Use our heart please. .
Sometimes, things need to be approach deeper and deeper by heart

I forgot what I have learned
Great things gone away
I learned what I have forgotten
Memory become a reality

I believe, I believe,
Grim will one day become a sweet dream
Misery will become good scenery
And tears just metamorph into invigorate dew

How much effort I give? That is what I give at the following life. Life will end here, but not there.
I bring light. I get illumination,
I bring sorrow, I get anguish
I bring advantage, I gain benefit
I bring harm, I obtain curse

Let the light illuminate our way, don’t bother when somebody disgrace us,
Time, world, and life. Three things that matter to us, and our afterlife

Please. . Let us get together there safely, bravely, magnificently.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Lost world (Mungkin saya tersesat)

Ya gini ini kalo udah fakir internet, apalagi di kamar internet kaya di dalem goa. Yaudah ngetik di teras. Ditemenin sama langit gelap, nyamuk berdenging, sama suara truk sliweran samar-samar.Biasanya jam segini setengah tahun lalu ya main dota, apalah, streaming, ngenet cari bahan kuliah, ngerjain tugas, baca ini itu. Lha sekalinya di sini, ya kaya gini ini, sepi, sunyi, mau kena internet ya ke teras. Subhanallah. Ya sudahlah, gegara cari kos murah, biar blajar hemat, sekalian ngatur pengeluaran satu-satu (rencana pasang net wifi). Ya moga dalam seminggu udah kepasang net nya.
 So where am I?Above the earth, below the starWe still see same sunrise and sunsetWe still see a glowing day and chilly nightWe still see fearfull  life, but have to fightThis is life,and where we still appearOne day we disappearJust leaving a memory,usefullness for lifeLets fight when we exist***Blah-blah-blah, skip this.Lets start new material, this is CPOB (Cara Pembuatan Obat yang Baik). Ini semacam panduan yang umumnya dipelajari oleh mahasiswa farmasi, soalnya isinya terkait sama pembuatan obat skala industri. Biasanya panduan ini diikuti oleh industri supaya obat yang diproduksi itu sesuai dan sejalan sama peraturan yang dibuat sama pemerintah. Tujuan secara umum CPOB ini ya itu, memastikan bahwa mutu obat yang dihasilkan (oleh industri) sesuai dengan persyaratan dan tujuan penggunaan.Mungkin pada bertanya-tanya, kenapa kok harus diatur? Why it should be controlled by such regulation. Why it is just released to the market?Banyak alesannya, tapi yang pertama dan utama ya kualitas, dan keamanan tu produk buat konsumen. Ga mau dong kalo pada makek obat udah kadaluarsa yang ujung2nya malah tambah parah sakitnya? Ga mau juga dong makek obat yang gak jelas komposisi dan kualitasnya? Bahaya kan, nah makanya perlu ada regulasi buat mengatur ini semua. Mulai dari pembuatan pabrik, bahan baku, proses pembuatan, dan penjagaan kualitas dan mutu diatur di CPOB ini.Apakah saya sudah master? Sama sekali belum, saya pun sama-sama sedang belajar soal ini, mari belajar bareng-bareng. Buat apa ilmu tinggi-tinggi tapi ga ada kebermanfaatan. Ya sementara ini saya cuma bisa share dikit aja.Dengan asumsi bahwa versi pdf nya aja ada di google (versi 2012), ga masalah dong kalo saya bantuin share juga. Kali aja ada yang pengen mempelajari buat kuliah, ujian, dan bahkan buat kerja.CPOB 2012Oke, ketemu lagi next time.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lets start sharing again

5 years, it will be a long time, a very long chance to give something. But unfortunately it is only a vacuum time. No advantages being given by this blog. It is only a blog, but before I hope this will become stairway to goodness. Now, after 5 year, I wanna start again from scratch, from pieces, from nothing.

First thing first, this is bilingual. Not always be published in english (so much effort) but also indonesian (maybe better for me). Gak semua yang bakal ada di blog ini bakalan dalam bahasa inggris, tapi juga bakal ada selipan-selipan dalam bahasa indonesia. Toh juga awalnya ini blog juga pakeknya indonesia. Gak ada masalah, sebodo amat aku mah.

Secondly (mumpung pas lagi ingat), if you want to cite a source (usually journal or science article), never cite a blog, never, never. You better ask the blog or web owner to share you about the source about their write. Never cite a blog, although it give you what you want. Your superior will angry with you or even give you punishment by doing that. So from now on (after I get this little knowledge), I will give more effort to provide an appropriate source, so you will be easier to extract the knowledge from that source. For example, I better give you a link to journal site or science article, or even (legally) site that is not a blog, rather than give nothing.

Jangan ngesitasi blog ya!!

Konten di dalem blog ini ke depan nggak akan jauh-jauh dari topik sel, kultur sel, sedikit fisiologi, mungkin juga soal obat dan regulasi. Ya tapi apapun itu masih dalam taraf diskusi, saya ndak berlagak paling jago di bidang ini.

Next content within this blog will be about cell, cell culture, a little about physiology, or maybe about drug an its regulation. Whatever it is, this is about sharing and discussion, I am not even super intelligent about these topics. Just let study an become better together.

Love or Admiration? Almost same, isn't it?

Assalamualaikum. .

Maybe this is a rhapsody, or just a little admiration
But the real is this evanescence haunted me
Maybe this is only a proximity after a misery
But that’s the point!
Such a shoulder where head can lie on
But, this is all on my perception
Maybe It’s all just. .on my mind?

Although I imagine while we spend the rest of our life
Laugh then laugh. . ! I don’t care
Although I wish, I don’t know how to try
Underestimate then. . !
Now, I will make a perfect me first,
“Good person is for the good one, Bad person is for the bad one”
I want say something before that ‘nightmare’ come,
“I need, and I miss you. But I won’t force you either.
I confuse, this is a love or just an admiration. .But it’s really really. .
make me silence as usual,
make me want to help you,
make me want to care about you,
make me want to give advice.
But I think it precisely disturb you, I’m really sorry. . .

At last,
Be Sholehah, be a good daughter to your mam, good mam for your child.”

While you read, forget it immadiately. And think that you never read this. Because this is only a word. Is there any meaning while it can’t be summoned to reality? No,there is not. I think you will think the same as me. But these words are all from my heart. It is like a cancer which destroy from the inside, while kept and kept inside. Thanks to Allah, make me think of death while I pray. The one I will say last maybe a chain word of pray for my mam. .

Okey then wassalamualaikum